Over the years I’ve found that some people I talk to say that they loved high school, others recall their college experiences as the best times in their lives and still a few more remember with fondness the innocence of elementary school.  What I rarely hear is how fantastic middle school was…

In this same vein, 2020 was the adult middle school experience for so many. We don’t need to rehash all the happenings and ways in which the year was so difficult from individual to social and global perspectives. We should just acknowledge that it was bad. And now it is over. Mercifully.

But more importantly…

You made it.

This is no small feat. One aspect of human nature is to minimize our own accomplishments while giving credit to outside sources. The pandemic has flipped this paradigm on its head. For most, external factors have been against you during this period.

And yet, you remain.

In my line of work, I always look for precedent. Particularly when dealing with difficult situations. Overcoming them only serves to strengthen us. Our resolve increases, empathy is gained and strides forward are made.

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve set a precedence of resiliency for yourself. Your strength has carried you through unexpected difficulties. Perhaps you’ve reached out more to family or friends, focused on your strength or just put your down and muscled through. No matter how you did it, you’re here.

You’ve made it. You’re set to leave adult middle school behind. Take a bow and give a hat tip to yourself.

2021 is upon us and you’re stronger and more prepared for having overcome 2020.

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