Men. They’re strong. Courageous. Ready to go to war for the country and family they love. But men are also susceptible to disease and poor health outcomes. In fact, men are more likely to experience health issues simply because they have been brought up to believe that asking for help is a sign of weakness, and putting others first should be their priority.

Luckily we have National Men’s Health Week, which runs between June 14th and June 20th. Leading up to Father’s Day, this week is a great way to celebrate the men in your life and encourage them to take better care of themselves.

Here are some things you can do to show the men in your life you want them to start prioritizing their health. And if you’re a man, here are some things you can start doing to take the very best care of yourself:

Make That Appointment

If you or your loved one has been putting off getting that check-up, now is the time. Don’t forget that mental health check-up either. Your mental health affects those around you more than you realize.

Commit to Working Out

If you don’t exercise or do so just once in a while, why not make a commitment to work out on a regular basis. To start, it doesn’t matter what you choose to do. Ride a bike. Swim. Lift weights. Kayak. The important thing is to pick an activity you love so that you will do it consistently.

Eat Right

Make this the week you throw out the processed garbage and start eating right. That means eating plenty of animal protein, organic fruits, and veggies, and don’t skimp on healthy fats!

Be Happier

Your health and well-being are just as much about your happiness levels as about what you eat or how much sleep you get (did we mention you should be getting at least 7 hours each night?). Be sure to make time to partake in your favorite hobbies or activities. Start that woodworking project again. Take tap lessons or learn how to scuba dive. The more fun you’re having in life, the healthier you’ll be!

If you could use some advice on how to get back to feeling like yourself again, the skilled providers (Dr. Tim LuisSarah O’Donnell, LISW, PMH-CDr. Amy Smith and Dr. Barbara Warren) at Orleans Psychological Services are here for you. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.