Motherhood Issues

Ally Regan, LPC specializes in working with women and has advanced training in perinatal mental health. Perinatal mental health includes those experiencing infertility, loss, pregnancy anxiety, birth trauma, postpartum anxiety and depression and that big life adjustment to motherhood.

Ally affirms that, “women are inundated with so many messages around the importance of becoming a mother and enjoying every moment, but the truth is, so many women aren’t able to conceive easily, or struggle in some way and there is a lot of grief that comes with that. We create a story of how our life is supposed to be and it can be devastating when things don’t turn out how you imagined. I’m here to listen and help you find the balance of acknowledging and validating your pain and also make room for hope, joy and empowerment”.

Ally also works with people experiencing self-esteem struggles, general anxiety, depression, life changes and high functioning autism. She also has a lot of experience with high school and college students and young adults who are feeling lost or stuck.

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