Can spirituality and religion be used as a therapeutic strategy? More and more mental health professionals are finding that God can offer some of their clients more direction than they can.

In the past, many Christians have neglected to get the help they need from a counselor because they were afraid their belief in God would be ignored or, worse, belittled. Most of the highly trained therapists at Orleans Psychological Services are either religious/spiritual themselves, and all are highly respectful of their clients who hold Christian or other beliefs.

In faith-based therapy sessions, it may be common to pray, discuss forgiveness and use biblical texts to reinforce healthy mental and emotional habits. Another important aspect of faith-based therapy is that when a therapist is willing to interact in a religious or spiritual way, it helps the client to trust them more. And trust is the most important thing between client and counselor.

Areas Where Faith-Based Counseling is Particularly Helpful

Throughout life, we all face different crises and challenges. And during these times, it is common for people to turn to their faith.

The following are situations where faith-based counseling can be particularly beneficial:

Marital Issues

For many Christians and people of other faiths, marriage is a life-long commitment and divorce is simply not an option. Faith-based therapy can help husbands and wives find their way back to one another through love, kindness, and respect.

The Challenges of Parenting

None of us are given an instruction manual for how to raise our children. But the Bible certainly contains wisdom and lessons that are applicable to parents.

Anxiety and Depression

There are many ways to deal with and treat anxiety and depression. From cognitive-behavioral therapy to medications, traditional therapy can definitely help. But for some people, the real strength and answers they are seeking come from a higher source.

Loss of a Loved One

Sooner or later, all of us must deal with the loss of loved ones. While therapy can help take us through the steps of grieving, our faith is what helps us to truly heal, because we know we will see our loved ones someday.

Are You Looking for Help?

If you have been wanting to speak with a mental health professional but feared they may reject your religion, I urge you to seek out the therapists at Orleans Psychological Services who are welcoming of bringing issues of faith into the therapeutic setting.

And if you live in the area (or even if you don’t because we offer telehealth services), Dr. Tim Luis, Dr. Barbara Warren and Sarah O’Donnell, LISW, PMH-C practice faith-based therapy for Christians and people of other religions. Reach out to us and let’s talk about how we can help!